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The Centre for Evidence Based Hand Surgery (Nottingham) have recently launched the HandSRev database. This is a listing of systematic reviews relevant to hand surgery (and hand therapy). An excellent resource and great place to start when looking for the latest evidence...

Useful document with staffing recommendations in hand therapy: Hand surgery in the UK: Manpower, resources, standards and training (BSSH 2007)

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How to Apply

How to apply

  1. Download the Guidance Notes and Application Form. Please ensure the lead researcher is a member of BAHT before applying.
  2. Submit application form electronically to (requesting a read receipt to ensure delivery) by close of business on 1st February. Please submit 1 full application and 1 anonomised copy (to forward to reviewers). Late applications will not be considered
  3. You will receive e-mail acknowledgement on its receipt.
  4. Your application will be forwarded to 3 peer reviewers who will aim to review your application within 4 weeks of receiving it. Their comments will be returned to the Clinical Evidence Committee (CEC).  Grant Reviewers
  5. You will receive an e-mail from the CEC giving details of the reviewer’s comments and they may asked to complete amendments to your application form and to resubmit to the CEC.
  6. Depending on the nature and extent of the revisions, your application will either be returned back to the original reviewers or will be reviewed by the CEC.
  7. We aim to notify you via e-mail of the outcome within 6 weeks of the original submission to the CEC. A formal letter will be sent for your CPD.
  8. Projects must be completed within 24 months. 
  9. Any underspend on BAHT research grants should be returned to BAHT at the end of the project.


Research Grant Application Criteria

BAHT have a sum of £20,000 per year to award one or more of its members, to fund research activity.

This research activity can be a research project, audit or service evaluation and must be related to the hand or upper limb. The project must also be completed within 2 years.

Applicants must be a member of BAHT but do not have to have been a member for a certain period of time before applying.

There is no upper or lower limit to the amount that can be requested. An applicant can request the full £20,000 or any denomination of this amount depending on the needs of the project.

The award can be given to one or multiple successful applicants so long as the total awarded does not exceed £20,000

The money can be used to fund salary costs, staffing cover, equipment, patient expenses, meetings, research related admin/stationery (printing/photocopying etc) but must not be used to fund MSc module or course fees. Please refer to BAHT’s bursary scheme for this.

There is an annual call for applications.

Submission deadline is 1st February.

Completed Application Forms should be e-mailed to You will receive a confirmation of receipt e-mail.

The Clinical Evidence Committee (CEC) will receive the application and forward to 3 peer reviewers. These are experienced researchers, clinicians, lecturers, or surgeons who have many years experience clinically and conducting, reading or reviewing research.

We aim to provide applicants with a decision within 6 weeks of their application being received.

We will encourage all successful applicants, on completion of their research project, audit or service evaluation to submit an abstract to the annual BAHT conference in either a poster of free paper format.

Should the applicant complete their research and produce a paper for publication we ask that submission for publication is to Hand Therapy (British Journal) for consideration and first refusal.

The amount awarded to successful applicants is final, any additional costs arising from their research activity will not be covered by BAHT.

Successful applicants must submit a progress report to BAHT CEC annually and on completion of their project.

Successful applicants must agree to their details being shown on a database of research awards winners which will be on the BAHT website.