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Article Mentorship Scheme

The Clinical Evidence Committee (CEC) has devised an Article Mentorship Scheme in conjunction with BAHT’s Editorial Board.

This scheme is primarily designed for members who have completed research but have little or no experience in writing for publication. Members who approach the committee will be linked with an experienced researcher who will assist with the content, design and structuring of academic papers. Please note, this process of mentorship cannot guarantee publication of your article. Minor to major amendments may be recommended by your mentor, peer reviewers, and, once submitted, the journal editor, as necessary to maintain the high standards required for publication in Hand Therapy journal.

This scheme is also suitable for members who may have a research idea but to not know how to progress this further or are unsure of the feasibility of the project.  Informal advice will be offered from an experienced researcher who can assist in the early phases of a research project.

Please refer to guidelines and FAQ for more details on the Article Mentorship Scheme.

Article mentorship scheme Guidelines

Article mentorship scheme Application form

Article mentorship scheme - Frequently Asked Questions