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Annual Conference

Conference Programme

With the theme of 'Expanding Hand Therapy Practice', the 2018 conference aims to expand the knowledge of delegates in areas of therapy and healthcare that have changed recently. The knowledge gained from conference will allow delegates to return to their workplaces with ideas regarding more efficient or alternative ways to deliver therapy to their patients. It will also encourage delegates to think about the expanding role of hand therapy and how they can maintain their skills in many areas. 

We're pleased to announce Ian Gatt as our keynote speaker. Ian is a senior practitioner with the English Institute of Sport and Lead Physiotherapist for GB Boxing, having provided services throughout the London and Rio Olympic cycles, and current Tokyo 2020 cycle.

Ian is a visiting lecturer at UCL and has been an associate lecturer at SHU where he is also currently undergoing a PhD in Wrist Biomechanics. He is an injury advisor to Olympic, Paralympic and Professional sports; delivering educational workshops and supporting practitioners with their respective athletes specifically on hand, wrist and elbow musculoskeletal injuries. 

Following on from previous years, the programme will feature a mix of plenary lectures, symposia and breakout sessions

A more detailed programme can be viewed below:


       Final Programme 2018

Friday 9th November


8:50am            Welcome Address


9:00am            Soft Tissue Symposium

                        Sagittal band injuries in boxing  – Ian Gatt

                        Pulley injuries of the hand - Mike Hayton 

                        The Manchester Short Splint: Evidence, Application and Outcome   

                         - Alison Roe 


10:30am          Morning Tea


11:00am          Presidential Address

                           Mr Ian McNab 


11:30am         Free Papers 


12:30pm          Lunch 

 12:30 pm        Lunch Symposium  ( attend if you wish to learn while you eat )                       

                              'Hand Therapy Following Xiapex Treatment' - presented by SOBI 

                              Mr Mark Brewster, Consultant Hand Surgeon, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham

                              Mr Mike Hayton, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Surgery of the Hand and Wrist, Wrightington Hospital  

                                     ~ Xiapex, a practical approach

                            Ms Rachel Delaney, Specialist Hand Therapist, Wilmslow Hospital ~ To splint or not to splint after Xiapex


1:30pm            Proximal Phalanx Symposium

                        The Manchester pathway for for the management of closed proximal  

                        phalanx fractures - Sarah Turner 

                        What I don’t know about proximal phalanx fractures - Ryan Trickett 


2:45pm            Workshops

                        Skin camouflage in practice– Laura Adamson 

                        Wide Awake Surgery and why it works so well – Mr Alex Hamilton

                        Anxiety and Hand Therapy  – Debbie Larson

                        Management of tennis elbow:  A multimodal approach 

                         - Thomas Mitchell and Andrew Cuff 


3:45pm            Afternoon Tea


4:15pm            Workshops

                        Skin camouflage in practice  – Laura Adamson 

                        Wide Awake Surgery and why it works so well – Mr Alex Hamilton

                        Anxiety and Hand Therapy  – Debbie Larson

                        Management of tennis elbow:  A multimodal approach

                        - Thomas Mitchell and Andrew Cuff 


5:15pm            Close of day


7:30pm            Delegate Dinner and Drinks Reception

                        Varanasi Indian Restaurant  



Saturday 10th November


8:50am            Welcome and Housekeeping 


9:00am            Innovation and Changing Practice Symposium

                        Hand Therapy the smartphone app - Hayley Fay 

                        3D printing and its role in hand therapy – Marc Lloyd

                        The use of laser in hand injuries – Esther Ibrahim

                        Can skype assist us to assess and monitor our patients

                         - Fiona Sandford 


10:30am          Morning Tea 


11:00am          Keynote address

                           Ian Gatt – Wraps and injury prevention in boxing


11:30am          Free Papers 


12:30pm          Lunch

12.30pm          Sponsored workshop (NEOFECT)

                          - RAPAEL Smart Rehab Solution: a new way for hand rehabilitation


1:15pm            AGM


2:30pm            Workshops

                        Working overseas in low income countries  – Roma Bhopal

                        Imaging interpretation – Ms Amanda Isaacs  

                        Soft Tissue Injury management of boxers hands – Ian Gatt

                        Research - Anna Selby and Ellen Bramall 


3:30pm            Afternoon Tea 


4:00pm            Workshops

                        Working overseas in low income countries – Roma Bhopal 

                        Imaging interpretation– Ms Amanda Isaacs

                        Soft Tissue Injury management of boxers hands – Ian Gatt

                        Reseach - Anna Selby and Ellen Bramall 


5:00pm            Close of Conference