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BAHT Bursary Scheme

The BAHT Bursary scheme is one way in which we aim to meet the objectives of the BAHT charity, as set out in the ‘Strategic Plan’. The scheme offers our members a variety of bursaries in order to support education in the field of hand therapy in as many different ways as possible, for as many as possible.

To read about the experiences of members who have enjoyed BAHT’s support to attend conferences and courses, please click here.

Once you are ready to apply for a bursary, please read the information under How to Apply.

Bursary Timetable

Click on the title of a bursary to find out more. An application deadline with a line through has been awarded.

April 2020 - March 2021

Bursary Max. Sum Availability Application Deadline
Accreditation of Prior Learning - Level II£200130 September 2020
Accreditation of Prior Learning - Level III£2701Flexible
BAHT Annual Conference BursaryFree place231 August 2020
BSSH International Bursary£500130 June 2020
Charitable Bursary£5001Flexible
European Certified Hand Therapist€250131 January 2021
International Bursary£500131 August 2020
Level 1 Bursary £400 130 November 2020
Level I Bursary£400131 August 2020
Level II Bursary£500330 September 2020
Level II Bursary £500 130 June 2020
Level II Bursary £500 231 January 2021
Level II Bursary £500131 March 2021
Level III / Education Bursary£500130 September 2020
1 31 March 2021
National Conference Bursary£250130 June 2020
1 31 March 2021
Other Course / Conference Bursary£250130 August 2020
1 31 March 2021