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Terms and Conditions


British Association of Hand Therapists ("BAHT")
Terms and Conditions of Membership
  1. Qualified occupational therapists and physiotherapists may apply to become members of BAHT provided that:


  1. in the case of physiotherapists practising in the United Kingdom, they are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy ("CSP");
  2. in the case of physiotherapists practising outside the United Kingdom, they are either a member of the CSP or a member of the governing body in the relevant country;
  3. in the case of occupational therapists, they are members of an equivalent professional body; and
  4. in the case of physiotherapists or occupational therapists practising in the United Kingdom, they are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.


  1. Members who are physiotherapists are required to supply BAHT with a valid CSP (or international governing body equivalent) number. This forms part of the agreement between CSP and BAHT, as a member of CSP's Professional Networks, and physiotherapist member applications without a valid number will not be processed.
Membership terms and benefits
  1. The membership year runs from 1st February in one calendar year to 31st January of the following calendar year.


  1. Membership includes:
    1. personal access to print and online copies of Hand Therapy; student members will have access to the online version only and will not receive a print copy.
    2. access to the BAHT discussion forum;
    3. regular E-bulletins;
    4. access to apply for bursaries for courses and grants for research;
    5. access to the application process for recognition as an Accredited Hand Therapist (AHT);
    6. invitation to the annual British Association of Hand Therapy Conference with a reduced rate for members.


  1. Every member shall pay an annual subscription fee as determined by the board of directors of BAHT from time to time.


  1. New members can join at any point through the membership year but are required to pay the full subscription fee for that year regardless of when they join. However they are entitled to back copies of the journal for that membership year and will be sent these within two months following approval of a membership application.


  1. Renewing members paying their subscription fee by cheque or credit card are required to ensure payment has reached BAHT by 1st February at the beginning of each membership year. 


  1. Renewing members paying their subscription fee by direct debit will have their fee automatically deducted from their accounts on 1st February of each year. It is each member's responsibility to ensure adequate funds are available and that BAHT has the correct up-to-date account details.  BAHT also asks that direct debit payers check their account to ensure the debit has been paid within the first week of February and to contact BAHT promptly to arrange payment if it has not gone through.


  1. If BAHT has not received payment from any member (however he or she wishes to make payment) and has had no contact from that member by 28th February in the same year it will assume that membership is not required and the member will cease to be a member from that date.


Cancelling Membership
  1. A member may withdraw from membership by giving seven days' notice to the Company. 


  1. Direct debit payers that decide to cease their membership are responsible for contacting their bank to ensure that their direct debit to BAHT is cancelled. Members are kindly asked to also inform BAHT in writing that membership is no longer required so that the member’s payment details are deleted from teledebit records.


  1. Any refunds for overpaid membership for direct debit should be claimed via your bank (see  item 15 below).


  1. The board of directors of BAHT may at their discretion terminate the membership of any member but the requirements of natural justice shall be respected and a member shall be entitled to be heard in his or her own defence by the directors of BAHT or a committee of the directors of BAHT.  If this decision is made between 1st and 28th February membership fees for that year will be refunded; if the decision is made after 28th February membership fee will not be refunded.


  1. Members who decide not to continue with their membership can request a refund of their subscription if they contact BAHT by 28th February of that membership year.  No refunds will be offered after this date.


  1. Failed cancelled direct debits should be reclaimed via the member’s bank. In the event a direct debit transaction still proceeds despite cancellation, it is advisable to contact both the bank and BAHT.  For more information about cancelling direct debits, please see the link