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Health Professionals

Post-Course Report Criteria

For any successful Educational Bursary application, there is a requirement to submit a report on completion of the course or event.

Receipt of this report will then transfer the sum of money received from a loan into a grant.

The report must meet the following criteria:

  • Conform to the Bursary Report Template: click here to download
  • 500 words (+/- 10%), which will be uploaded to the BAHT website. The topic of this report is to be negotiated with, or allocated by, the Director of Bursaries.

A short introductory paragraph (100 words max) must also to be submitted about whom you are, why you applied for a bursary for this particular event and give details of your experience of the event / course.

If a bursary assists in the production of a journal article that will be submitted for publication, there is an expectation that this article will, at least in part, be submitted to the BAHT ‘Hand Therapy’ journal.

NB: The report should not contain any comments that are potentially damaging or libelous


Please email this report to once you have completed it.