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Education & Courses

One of BAHT's aims is to facilitate learning and development for Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists treating hand and upper limb conditions. The Education Sub-Committee (ESC) was formed to promote and coordinate a structured process of post graduate hand therapy education for therapists specialising in this field.

This process allows therapists to gain points at Level I (Introductory), Level II (Intermediate) and Level III (Advanced). Once sufficient points have been achieved therapists with appropriate overall experience can then apply to the ESC be be recognised as a BAHT 'Accredited Hand Therapist' (AHT).

Whether you are working towards becoming an AHT, or merely looking to enhance your continuing professional development these pages should help you find further information to assist. If you have any other queries feel free to contact the ESC via the BAHT secretary on and we will be happy to guide you further.

Find out more about our BAHT Education & Courses by visiting the following pages: