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Becoming an Accredited Hand Therapist (AHT)

Before submitting your Application Form for the BAHT award of 'Accredited Hand Therapist (AHT)' please ensure that you are familiar with the content of this website and have downloaded and read the AHT Application Guidelines.

What is required to Apply?

  • Must be HCPC registered as an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist.
  • Applicants must be members of the British Association of Hand Therapists.
  • Evidence that 12 BAHT points have been accrued. See 'The BAHT Education Process' link for more detail.
  • 4000 clinical hours in hand therapy (gained in the UK*) demonstrated in a Clinical Hours Log (we advise that this is completed as the hours are accrued, which is approved and signed by a relevant manager)
  • Three supporting testimonials (which must be on letter headed paper and signed).
  • Submission of an extended CV see AHT guidelines for guidance and requirements of the extended CV.
  • £30, payable to BAHT to cover the administration costs of assessing the application (see AHT guidelines for more details).

*Applicants must have been actively practicing in the field of hand therapy over the two years preceding their application. Overseas applicants also note that the BAHT AHT award is based on working knowledge of hand therapy practice in the United Kingdom. To ensure parity, overseas applicants with less than 50% of their clinical experience gained in the United Kingdom will be awarded an accreditation known as 'Overseas Accredited Hand Therapist’

Ready to apply?

Application forms for accreditation should be downloaded, completed electronically and e-mailed to the AHT Co-ordinator where possible, with supporting documents scanned and attached to the e-mail. Original documents (testimonies, clinical hours log and one signed paper copy of the application form) should be posted to the AHT Co-ordinator.

Download AHT guidelines

Download Accreditation application form

Download clinical log

Applying for Re-Accreditation

Your initial accreditation will be valid for five years, after which time you will need to apply to re-accredit in order to remain on the register of BAHT Accredited Hand Therapists (AHT) – see link to Re-Accreditation guidelines and application form below). You do not need to gain a further 12 BAHT points in order to re-accredit but you do need to supply the following to the AHT Co-ordinator:

  • Evidence of uninterrupted BAHT membership since initial accreditation.
  • Clinical hours log book (approved and signed by relevant manager(s)).
  • Evidence of minimum 100 hours CPD since last accreditation.
  • Three supporting testimonials (provided on letter head and signed).
  • Details and evidence of any journal publications, poster or free paper presentations undertaken at conferences, external teaching etc since last accreditation.
  • Extended CV (focus on time since last accreditation) – see Re - AHT guidelines for guidance and requirements of the extended CV.
  • £30 payable to BAHT to cover the administration costs of assessing the application (see Re-Acreditation guidelines for more details).

Download Re-Accreditation Guidelines

Download the Re-Accreditation application form