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Casting Motion to Mobilise Stiffness (CMMS) Technique

1 – 29 May 2021

Live Online Event

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This is a non-BAHT-accredited Educational Course.

Join Robyn Midgley LIVE and learn the theoretical background and practical application of the Casting Motion to Mobilise Stiffness (CMMS) Technique in this two-part live and interactive course.

The CMMS Technique was developed, researched and published by Judy Colditz, OT/L, CHT, FAOTA in 2002. Robyn Midgley was mentored by Judy Colditz over a 15 year period and recently co-authored the Chapter on the Therapists Management of the Stiff Hand in the Rehabilitation of the Hand & Upper Extremity textbook which was published in 2020, which can be downloaded from

Robyn developed the new online CMMS course with the aim to teach hand therapists the technique to salvage stiff hands across the globe. The online course is supported by Judy Colditz and has been accredited by BAHT as a Level II Course.

This live online course has not been accredited by BAHT, but it consists of content which has been extrapolated from the Accredited course to provide the therapist with a foundation framework in the CMMS technique as well as the opportunity to learn the 4 essential CMMS casts in a live classroom environment.

Therapists who purchase the live course have the opportunity to have direct access to the accredited CMMS course through a monthly subscription fee of $67 per month. By subscribing to the course and attending the live course, the hand therapist will be adequately equipped to apply the technique.

This is a once-off opportunity for therapists to learn the CMMS whilst saving $1480 USD. 

Here is a summary of what you will receive when you sign up to then LIVE CMMS Course:

  • A live, interactive course on 2 dates with 2-time zone options.
  • Instructions on how to make the 4 essential CMMS casts.
  • Guidance from Robyn while you make the casts.
  • A $67 per month subscription fee to receive immediate access to the CMMS Online platform which has 45 instructional lessons once the Live course has been purchased. 
  • 6 CEU's for the live event plus 24 CEUs for the CMMS course with the subscription option once qualified.
  • Access to the recording of the live event.
  • Access to the private CMMS Facebook Group and global community of therapists who apply the CMMS Technique.


This course takes place in 2 parts:

  • Part I: 1st May 2021 at 9am OR at 4pm SAST (GMT +2) Cost: $247
  • Part 2: 29th May 2021 at 9am OR at 4pm SAST (GMT +2) Cost: $247

BUNDLE: $470


PROMO CODE:  BAHT10 to receive an extra 10% off the duo price per person.


If you cannot attend live, you can purchase the recording, but you won't receive live feedback.


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Terms & Conditions:

  • Gift the course to a friend or split the cost but only one transaction will be accepted.
  • The friend you choose must be in the room with you so that you can cast together.
  • Your friends name, email address and mobile number must be emailed to with the subject heading: CMMS Live Training Guest Name
This offer is only available to Therapists who attend the live training


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Organised by: Robyn Midgley of Robyn Midgley Hand Therapy Consulting
Phone Number: +27 (0) 83 650 3022

2- Part online Live Event

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