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Are you interested in road testing a new electronic rehabilitation device?

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Shaun Connors has developed the MYOMITT for hand and forearm rehabilitation after a hand fracture during a boxing bout. 


The MYOMITT has been tested on three participants while they were wearing EMG sensors by an independent research team at Preston UCLAN.Use of the MYOMITT increased peak muscle force by >20%.


Shaun and his team suggests that the MYOMITT may be suitable for the following conditions:

• Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Hands 

• Dupuytren’s Contracture (Aftercare)

• Scleroderma of the hands 

• Burns (Aftercare) 

• Frost Bite (Aftercare) 

• Ulnar Claw 

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

• Parkinson’s 

• Holt-Oram Syndrome

• Trauma (Aftercare)


Shaun is in the last stages of product development and is looking for a hand therapist to review the MYOMITT in order to give feedback on the features. Shaun is based in Preston, so is ideally looking for a hand therapist in the North West, but is willing to travel. 


If you are interested in reviewing the MYOMITT, please contact Shaun directly on:

Please note, this product is not endorsed by BAHT.

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