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Advanced Practice

Welcome to the BAHT Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) Network

The BAHT ACP Network supports hand therapists working in (and towards) advanced practice/extended scope roles.  These advanced roles have developed over time to meet the growing demands placed on trauma and elective hand settings, with clinical responsibilities evolving to encompass tasks previously undertaken by the medical profession, such as requesting investigations, autonomous assessment and treatment delivery and injection therapy.  The idea for this network grew from an awareness that many clinicians working in these advanced roles found it difficult to access formal educational opportunities relevant to this level of clinical practise.  Equally, it became evident that for many, a gap existed in the availability of peer support.  As a result, the BAHT ACP Network was launched with the aim of supporting clinicians to meet both of these needs.

Since its launch in late 2019, members of the network have contributed their time and expertise to a number of projects.  Most recently, this has involved the formation of a number of hand therapy standards, which were developed to complement the BSSH trauma standards.  Network members are currently looking to develop an advanced practice competency framework that focuses on the specific nature of the role and the complexity of tasks frequently undertaken.

The priorities of the members are integral to the projects selected for development and meetings are held bi-monthly to network and discuss the progress made with each project.  Working groups have been held virtually to bring together members from all corners of the UK.  The meetings are currently being held virtually, with the aim of restoring at least one face-to-face meeting per year once Covid restrictions permit.

If you are a BAHT member working in (or towards) an advanced practice role and would like to join the Network, please complete the expression of interest and contact consent forms (see below) and return them to


Expression of Interest Form

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