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BAHT Funded Research

Strategic Plan

BAHT offers its members the opportunity to apply for a research grant to encourage the development and generation of knowledge in the field of hand therapy. This can fund one larger project or a number of smaller ones depending on the quality of applications. These projects could be a research study, audit or service evaluation. BAHT has a total of £20,000 per year which can be awarded to one applicant or numerous applicants depending on the project and amount requested.

The research grant is designed to help develop research capacity in hand therapists and is one of the many ways in which BAHT aims to meet its charitable aims, as set out in the Strategic Plan.

This money can be used to fund time, equipment for the project or other resources needed, however it cannot be used to fund university fees or attendance at conferences or courses (Please refer to BAHT Educational bursaries for this).

BAHT will consider any topic relevant to hand therapy. Applicants may find it helpful to look at the findings from recent research priority setting partnerships to give some ideas for possible projects. For example:

British Society for Surgery of the Hand – James Lind Alliance priority setting partnership

Chartered Society of Physiotherapists – James Lind Alliance priority setting partnership

At present there is one call per year for research grant applicants. Please see the How to Apply section for further details on deadlines and for a grant application form and guidance notes.

The CEC and peer review panel consists of therapists/researchers and surgeons with many years experience in clinical work, post-graduate education and research who review the applications and judge them on the value of the idea, feasibility of the project and supervision available to the candidate. All applicants whether successful or not receive feedback from the committee to assist in strengthening the proposal.

Previous winners

See our Research Grant Winners page for previous succesful applicants.